Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scott Walker Out of Options

Scott Walker was not given an extension of time to review recall petition signatures, which firmly puts him on the ballot for recall come spring.  Walker's ploy in asking for more review time was to raise money from people as seriously challenged by the concept of democracy as he is.  I'm sure his coffers are bulging with cash anyhow, but this victory for all advocates of democracy is heartening.

We all want Walker to go.  Anywhere.  Quickly.  We all are hopeful his political career is over.  The rich needed a scapegoat, and Walker gladly stepped up to the task.  Not only did he not have a complete understanding of what his actions would do, as they related to the gutting of collective bargaining, he was completely duped by people pretending to actually like him by giving him money.  Now that he is seriously going to be ousted from the governorship, the strain of the position he is in is showing on his face.  Note to other politicos:  never be some one's bitch, no matter how much money they have. 

What should Walker do?

Tuck his tail between his legs, resign and head to Mexico.  Learn Spanish.  Save the state the cost of the recall election, which certainly he cannot win.

Get a thoughtful job at a right-wing think tank.  Of course, he'll have to learn how to think, first.  Could take awhile.

Run the tilt-a-whirl at State Fair this summer.  He'll have to lose a few front teeth, but I'm sure there is no shortage of people willing to help him out there.

At any rate, I'm still hoping for the one big coffin nail to slam down on Scott Walker and his embarrassment of a career --- a grand jury indictment.  The timing of this could be indicative of just how determined democrats actually are in preserving justice and honor in our state and in a democracy.  We can only hope.

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