Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Scott Walker a Chicken?

Well, hard pressed to say.  We haven't heard a single peep out of him lately about the John Doe investigation.  The Dems have a powerful ad coming out wherein he's compared to Richard Nixon.  It's WATERGATE all over again.  WALKERGATE.  Just what the good, deserving United States citizens need.  What did he know?  When did he know it?  What did he do about it?  Walker's a riddle, the riddle being, "when you say my name I disappear, what am I?"  Answer:  SILENCE.  He sure is silent.

This is interesting, when remembering the outright lies he always has managed to spin out of pure bull$hit.  Walker always puts a happy face on every dastardly deed he commits.  Did his spin doctors quit him?  Or did his attorneys tell him to shut his stupid trap, once and for all, because every time he opens it, he seems to get caught in a lie.

We are all so anxiously awaiting to see what the John Doe investigation has uncovered regarding the dishonorable Scott Walker.  Eagle Scout and Preacher's Son don't carry much weight in judicial proceedings, although we know there are lots of folks in Wisconsin who buy into that b.s.  However, malfeasance is as malfeasance does.  And it does carry a penalty. 

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