Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tim Russell wants Venue Change

Sticky fingered Tim Russell wants his trial moved out of Milwaukee County, where he stole money from veteran's groups. 

Hmmm..  he doesn't think he can get a fair trial in Milwaukee County, where his crimes were perpetrated.

Well, how about if we move his trial to Yemen?  Or one of those countries where the punishment for thievery is the removal of the offending appendages, i.e., hands.

Okay, that's a bit far-fetched.  How about if we move his trial to Waukesha County (America's Yemen), where an impaneled jury might be so pro-Walker, he'll get off with a wrist slap.  I'm sure this is Mr. Russell's fervent hope.  It is also Waukesha County's claim to fame ---- a place where political ignorance and cronyism run rampant.

Mr. Russell is going to jail, no matter where they hold his trial.  He is without morality and belongs in a place with other like-minded individuals.  It's a real wake up call when karma is leveled.  Unfortunately for Mr. Russell, he'll wake up and have no place to go but down to the depths of despair.   I doubt, however, someone of his character will understand "how I got here".  What he's bound to understand, sooner or later, is he's there alone.  Hung out to dry.  Walker's clothesline is full of Tim Russell's.  And the emperor still isn't wearing any clothes.

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