Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Fun At Milwaukee County

We've got a county supervisor accused of  taking bribes at Dunk'n DoNuts.  Gees.  I can remember the days when illicit business was transacted at Giovanni's, where all the real criminals hung out.  At least the food was good.  Alas, Giovanni's is long gone since the maitre'd was murdered there.  But there are still some classier places than a donut shop.  Of course, the bribe was for 500 bucks, so, I guess you get wined and dined according to your sleaze bag price.

We've got Sheriff Clarke randomly overturning judge's orders for electronic monitoring and locking up prisoners while calling the judge "deceitful".  Everybody at the Sheriff's Department should take cover, because I think his head has gotten so big from crazy, it's about to blow.  The blast of dead air will be so large it could maim people.

Is it any wonder Scott Walker cut his political teeth at Milwaukee County?  It's a freak show.  Now the elephant man is in the capitol, turning the state into a freak show, and Milwaukee County continues to run amok.  I feel so bad for the good people who work there.  I guarantee, they're the line workers and not anyone in a position of authority. 

Anyone today who thinks politics is a good career choice has to be very naive or extraordinarily stupid.  Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin are prime examples of the inmates running the asylum. Our entire political system is the poster child for limited political terms, on every level.

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