Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is outraged at Walker and Van Hollen's assertion that they will take mortgage relief money to plug holes in the state budget and its within their right to do so.


Hmmmm.  Am I outraged?  Oh I'm so far beyond outraged I can't think of an adjective to describe these two complete a$$es, or how I feel about what they have done.

I just wish we were in the old west, where justice was often meted out at the end of a rope.  Recall is too good for Scott Walker.  Killing his career is too good for Scott Walker.  Just about anything you can name as punishment is too good for Scott Walker. 

I'm truly hopeful that Scott Walker will suffer all the indignities and tortures he himself has imposed on hardworking, decent people.  And his backers, as well.  May you all suffer miserably the rest of your born days.  Now.....where's my voodoo doll?  

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