Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for a Change?

John Edwards will be formally charged with some kind of illegal campaign fund use over his covered-up affair and lovechild.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also fathered a lovechild with a household maid, although how he paid her off is still unknown..

Newt Gingrich is a (less than) serious candidate for president, and he has a predilection for sexual encounters outside his marriage.

Many cases of politicians engaged in controversial acts of "love".

Several senators have been caught engaging in sex acts with gays in public places, like airport bathroom stalls.  Most of these are ranting homophobes outside the privacy of those stall walls.

Obviously there is something very wrong with the capitol building in D.C.  It must be emitting some strong sex pheromone through its radiant heating system to cause all this bizarre publicized sex by elected officials.  Same thing in California. 

This is why limited terms for elected officials is a good idea.  For eight years, these horny old goats can keep their penises inside their pants.  After that, its a voracious sex frenzy, with the offending members escaping the zipper and wreaking havoc all across the nation.

My opinion is that the more time a (man) person spends in a political office, the more brain cells escape from the big brain and go straight to the little brain.  Like there's a southward drawing magnetic force in their senate/house seats.  For some reason, these men seems to confuse power, influence and wealth with sexual prowess. 

Now there are two simple solutions.  No more men running for public office.  This would be my choice because all men, in my opinion, have one testicle too many. 

Or..... limit the terms of any elected office to eight years and really have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, thereby eliminating the sex crazed antics of over aged political adolescents intent on proving their sense of self worth through the disbursement of semen.

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