Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Further Evidence of Scott Walker's Ignorance

Yeah, Oil Can Scotty sure did blow it.  He roared into the governor's seat with a fighting stance and a completely hidden agenda, and tried (is still trying) to destroy basic collective bargaining rights for SOME state employees, under the pretext of balancing a budget.

After much drama and more than a few recall petitions for several Wisconsin senators, Oil Can Scotty has gone strangely silent.

Here is my take.

Scott Walker will never finish his term as governor.  As soon as recall is possible here in Wisconsin, a petition will be filed.  I find it very reasonable to expect that the recall effort will come to fruition.

Scott Walker will never win another elected political seat.  He has proven himself to be morally bankrupt and unable to separate from his ridiculous agenda:  "my rabidly right way or the highway"  (that road being paid for by teacher's salary and benefit cuts).  He has completely lost touch with the political climate of the electorate. 

Scott Walker's ego has prevented him from effective governance of anything.  He was and is so busy trying to make a name for himself in conservative circles, he has lost sight of the real and honest work of being a governor.  Me thinks this is because he hasn't got a clue on how to be a leader.  Seriously, Scott Walker is incapable of leadership.  That was apparent to everyone who tried to work with him when he was Milwaukee County Executive. 

Scott Walker seems to have one talent, pulling the wool over ignorant eyes.  Scott Walker's political career is over, dead by his own hand.  It will take Mr. Walker many many months to realize this.  The ego is so much larger than the part of his brain encompassing reason. 

Watch for Scott Walker's next career as a Fox Television Network celebutard.  He has what it takes to start a new career there - an absolute lack of intelligence and integrity, along with an uncanny ability to lie with a straight (albeit lazy-eyed) face.  That lazy eye sort of flutters whenever he's lying, but since he's lying all the time, probably I'm the only one who notices.

I'm throwing a huge party when Wisconsin rids itself of this pest, Scott Walker.  You're all invited.  It is a very sad state of affairs when the Governor of a State is thought of as a garden slug.  Let his legacy of slime trails come to a quick and appropriate end, sooner rather than later.

Oh and by the by, let's all fervently hope that Wisconsin communities do not suffer any major tornados this season.  Scott Walker won't be able to recognize a disaster area.

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