Wednesday, May 11, 2011

General Complaints

Apparently our budget crisis here in Wisconsin won't prevent Scott Walker from spending 5.7 million dollars to push through legislation that will make it harder for people to vote.  Demanding a photo identification at the polls will certainly cause problems for the more disenfranchised voters in our society.  Scott Walker is the incredible transparent man.  Looking through him, you can see that this waste of taxpayer money is directly aimed at thwarting recall elections for Republican lawmakers.  Too Bad Oil Can.  You're on your way out, and passage of this bill will annoy taxpayers even more.

Got a letter from Archbishop Listecki.  His Salutation:  "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ".  The letter than goes on to explain the reason he is asking bankruptcy court to set a deadline for possible claims of abuse against the diocese.  Claims must be filed by September 15th.  The Roman Catholic Church is not bankrupt, except morally.  Our Father of Perpetual Molestation is alive and well.  Christ would be appalled.  Christ needs a lawyer to protect his good name.

Went to the gas station and was talking to a woman in line at the cashier.  She had an armful of some of the most unhealthy foods marketed to people.  Cheese corn (pretty sure no cheese is involved in the manufacturer of this product, just an orange dusty like chemical).  Cookies.  Candy Bars.  She told me she didn't know how to cook and just ate to fill herself up.  I quickly told her I used to eat just like she was eating, and how it almost killed me.  Coming soon -- helpful hints for people who don't know how to cook and don't know how to eat a healthy diet.  I did persuade her to trade her cheesecorn for nuts and seeds, her Oreo's for Fig Newtons, her candy bars for a granola snack.  Not much of a step up, but certainly a step in the right direction.

Finally, why do I live in this stupid state?  Its run by crooked and rabid republicans, the weather barely warms up even in deep spring and the roads are always under construction.  My husband is terribly allergic to tree pollen and I have developed a  deep hatred of all things snow-related.  I can't wait to move.  Hopefully, out of the United States of AmeriKa!

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