Monday, May 23, 2011

Scott Walker - A-Hole in Dairyland

Well, we have no money for public school nurses.  We've decimated teacher's rights because of our (so-called) budget crisis.  But........Scott Walker is going to give away $200,000,000 in corporate welfare to venture capitalists to make Wisconsin stronger.

I tell you what.....if you want Wisconsin to succeed, we need to get rid of Scott Walker.

Mr. Walker's only talent seems to be kissing corporate ass.  I wonder if he's not gay (what an insult to gay people everywhere, and for that, I apologize) but I've never seen anyone with his face so firmly connected to men's pants and the compulsive need to get in there and smooch it up.

Venture capitalists.  Not an awe-inspiring return on investment there, but hey - it's a giveaway so return on investment doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that Scott Walker has no interest in making Wisconsin a great place.  His only agenda is serving the corporate masters who put him in an office he's ill-equipped to serve. 

Scott Walker must go at the first available opportunity.  His lack of integrity, lack of intelligence and lack of compassion should remain at the forefront of our awareness.  His utter insistence on serving up millions of taxpayer dollars to special interest groups should outrage every citizen in this state. 

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