Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Thank you, all American veterans.  Memorial Day should be about remembering the service you gave to the United States.  It should not be about war (can't get away from it on cable this weekend), it is about remembering the fallen and those whose wounds are both visible and not so visible.

Thank you.

It is a disgrace that veterans have difficulty obtaining the services they may require long after their enlistments are over.  How the United States treats its veterans is not exactly anything to be proud of.  We need to rethink our priorities in this country.  Spend a little less on stealth bombers, spend a little more on veterans services.

At any rate.  Memorial Day is about remembering the tremendous price these men and women have paid to keep your (military/industrial complex) country free.  It is not about glorifying war.  All veterans are heros.  Remember to treat veterans as such.

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