Monday, May 16, 2011

Question Everything in Amerika

I actually took the time to review a credit card account statement and found that despite lowering my debt, my monthly interest charges fluctuated upward. 

I sent an inquiry to the bank, and I filed a complaint with the state's financial board.  It does not make sense that debt reduction would lead to higher interest rates.  I urge all citizens to carefully review charges assessed against them.  You cannot trust anyone in Amerika, especially big business.

Got a letter from another big business, WE Energies, advising that my bill would be increasing by 15%.  This is utterly a slap in the face from a company who paid millions in big bonuses to their executive staff.  I am so sick of having rich pigs on my back.  I wish I could buy energy from another company, but alas, WE Energies is a monopoly and they can do whatever they want.  At our expense and discomfort.

The average Amerikan is being gouged to death by these "businesses".  Amerika is a land of corporate organized crime.  The greed is appalling.  A reasonable person would expect that there would be some legal solution to this type of victimization, but unfortunately, this REMAINS the United States of Amerika, Inc.

If we truly want businesses to treat us fairly, we need to question everything they do, every charge they assess against us, every dime they say they spend on making our lives better. 

At any rate, Amerika is a land of greed and crime, perpetuated against small people by big business.  Singularly, there isn't much we can do.  United, we might actually be able to stop the financial rape being committed.  Question everything.  Complain.  Refuse to do business with any company that has treated you unfairly.  And most importantly, know what is REALLY going on.


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