Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oil Can Scotty Hates Large Groups of People

The Governor-Joke Scott Walker certainly seems to hate large groups of people. 

Planned Parenthood is going to face enormous funding cuts due to Scott Walker's distaste for all things "sexual".  More evidence that Mr. Walker suffers from a bad case of misogyny.   I, and most people who think clearly, understand that the services Planned Parenthood provides are absolutely necessary.  They are necessary because parents, on every socio-economic level, fail to educate their children in human sexuality.  So, Oil Can hates people who are sexually educated.  That speaks volumes.   I think Scott Walker needs to visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic and finally come to terms with his own sexuality, or lack thereof. 

Unemployed people are the next group on his list to suffer.  "Shame on you for not having a job" is Mr. Oil Can's attitude.  Now you will have to wait a week between your regular unemployment benefits running out, and the extension benefits kicking in.  Well, we all know you darned unemployed people, riding around in your BMW's and dining at five star restaurants, can afford to wait.  I mean, who, really, depends on $340 per week?  That's just such a lot of money, you ought to be able to stretch it to cover two weeks worth of expenses. 

Sick?  Elderly?  Dependent on prescription drug subsidies?  Throw granny off the cliff.  Problem solved.  This is where Oil Can really fits his name.  Walker's Point, here in Milwaukee, could build a huge ramp/platform over the water and charge a dumping fee for wheeling your burden of a family member out of your life and into the Kinnickinnic River.

Even steeped in rhetoric Republicans, like the Fitzgerald clowns, are starting to distance themselves from the basically insane governor.  Now, do we really have to wait to get rid of this horse's arse?  I think that if we can prove how mentally deficient Scott Walker acutally is, we can speed up the recall process.  All in favor of a mental status exam for Scott Walker ---- say "Aye've had enough".

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