Friday, May 27, 2011

WE Energies - Greediest Whores in Wisconsin

Well, there's certainly much chatter about WE Energies proposed rate hike.  This rate hike comes after paying out record millions in bonuses to their executive staff.  The supposed rate hike would be 6.2%, while WE Energies has increased residential bills over the past six years by 45%.  Gluttony anyone?  WE Energies needs to change their logo to a giant sow, slopping human food into its mouth.

I have one thing to say.  Get off my back you blood sucking greedy capitalist pigs. 

My rate hike arrived by letter a few weeks ago.  My budget payment (who can afford to pay the whole outrageous bill?) would go from $181 to $196 per month.  That is substantially more than 6.2%. 

This company epitomizes corporate greed and corporate corruption.  It also receives more than its fair share of corporate welfare. 

Under the pretext of being "good" corporate citizens, they now propose they will "delay" the rate hike to give the economy a chance to recover.  My ASS!  These fat corporate pigs are just trying to get more out of a rate hike in three years, and they think they can fly this "benevolent" compromise past the Public Service Commission, which has been in bed with this mega-giant robber baron for years.

I detest WE Energies and everything they stand for.  People should be outraged at being fleeced by this corporate pig on a regular basis.  Has your salary gone up 45% in the past six years?  Of course not......because all of your raises go to pay WE Energies staff.  Get these pigs off my back, now!


Anonymous said...

Seems pretty harsh. I think they do a good job and provide better value than my cell phone company, which sends me a much larger bill each month.

Still, your rants are pretty funny.

Citizen X said...

I don't know. A 45% increase in rates in the past 6 years seems pretty harsh to me! Yeah - cell phone providers. There must be a better way! Maybe if people get fed up, a new provider will emerge. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

The necessity of energy should not be provided by private for profit companies. Local communities should provide power as a service to the taxpayer. I've lived in towns where they provide the power, and it's always lower than Greedy We Energies, and their constant disconnection threats!

Citizen X said...

Well, if you think WE Energies is bad now, just give them a moment. They had a major malfunction with a pond at one of their dirty coal burning plants, and they are going to pass on that financial fiasco on to their consumers. WE Energies should be dismanteled. It represents everything wrong with capitalism.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a private company has a monopoly on energy. Same with cable, and phone companies as well. This is capitalist nation we should have choices. We Energies does nothing but threaten while violating their own standards of not threatening unless bill is 80 days overdue, or you don't make regular monthly payments. I'm sick of their disconnection, deposit charging, and legal threats for a bill under 80 days overdue. They keep uping the time frame, and riding my rear. Why would anyone want to be their customer? All you can do is complain to the Public Service Commission. Still waiting to see if that does any good.

Citizen X said...

WE Energies and the PSC have been in bed together for years. It would be good if someone could get this bastard corporation on anti-trust. Its the only option. Expect little from PSC. Just a bunch of little greeders feeding off the big pig.