Friday, May 27, 2011

Sarah Palin for President

I heard a pseudo public service announcement touting Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate.  At the end of the mock PSA, it was tagged "paid for by Barack Obama". 

This is so true.  Sarah Palin might be immensely popular with a select few people who buy into her very un-well-thought-out agenda, (and I'm being SO KIND) but the truth is, we all should hope Sarah Palin runs for President.  It practically insures Obama will stay in office, and since he's the best president this nation has seen in decades (granted, not saying much), it just makes sense to keep him there.  Afterall, he went after Bin Laden and actually got him.  Me thinks our former presidents never did this because Bin Laden would remain a convenient excuse to get involved in more middle eastern conflicts.  Keep that military/industrial complex running and thrusting this nation's deficits to even more astronomical levels. 

I think I need to actually see Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate.  It would more than prove to me what a freakin' distasteful joke the United States of America, Inc. actually has become, and verify my suspicion that far too many Americans are merely red white and blue Arseholes.  No brain.  All flag.  Somebody give me a firecracker.

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