Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tommy Thompson - Wisconsin's Lazarus

I had a Boston fern in my office prior to retiring; it had died and come back to full life over a dozen times.  I inherited it from others who had alternately cared for and neglected it.  When I left, I didn't take it with me.  It was very healthy and green and growing well, seemed to like my south facing office.  I don't know how its doing now, but even if its dead, it will come back with a little coaxing.  Our office team named this plant Lazarus because of its ability to overcome death.  Numerous times.

I bring this up because I just saw Tommy Thompson orating on television that he's going to go after Herb Kohl's senate seat. 

GOOD GOD.  How does this relic keep resurrecting himself?  Tommy Thompson doesn't have a single accomplishment in his political life that is worth mentioning.  He does, however, seem to have a powerful thirst for high political office.  What do you call a political alcoholic?  A polisot?

Russ Feingold needs to announce his candidacy for Senator Kohl's office.  Wisconsinites need some good news right now.  I wonder how many other people felt like I did when I saw Tommy's exuberance and excitement on initial thought "isn't he dead yet?" 

The last thing I want to see is Tommy Thompson's face for the next year or two.  I guess that's my tough luck.  Come on Russ!  We know you can beat this hack.

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