Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitt Romney - Too Rich, Too Secretive, Too Greedy

Vanity Fair magazine has tried to unravel the financial dealings of Mitt Romney and his family.  The more they uncover, the more questions are raised.  The more questions that are raised, the less Mitt Romney divulges.

Mitt Romney is probably the most wealthy person who ever ran for President of the United States, but he refuses to talk about that fact, or disclose the full extent of his wealth.  Still, he talks an awful lot about sticking it to the working class and giving tax breaks to job creators (can you say the uber rich).  When did the uber rich become the job creators?  What jobs have they created?  Who holds these phantom jobs?  Job creators does sound so much nicer than filthy, stinking rich, though, doesn't it?

I'm incensed that someone like Mitt Romney has the audacity to run for the presidency.  He only has one goal in mind; to create a safe tax haven for himself and other equally wealthy people and to kill off that portion of the United States who doesn't fall to their knees in reverence for the 1%.

That Mitt Romney doesn't disclose his financial holdings, tax returns, and explanations of all his off shore accounts leads me to believe Mitt Romney is not disclosing his true agenda for seeking the presidency, either.  So far, he wants to increase the defense budget.  Can you see any sense in that?  Obviously, Mr. Romney is a warmonger who understands the economic importance of perpetuating the military/industrial complex.

Already the propaganda machine is gearing up.  China has produced the uniforms for the Olympians.  Oh Horrors!  China has produced clothing!!!!!  The subtlety here is that China is being set up as an evil empire.  This should have every Americans attention.  How long will it be before Mitt Romney convinces, along with the mighty United States propaganda machine, that China is an enemy?  China is not the enemy.  Mitt Romney and all people like him are the enemy.   

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