Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is the NRA America's Taliban?

An organization that promotes violence, which is what the National Rifle Association does in its constant propaganda of a safer America through the purchase of more guns, is definitely a terrorist organization at best.

The NRA is America's own Taliban.  It is a bunch of gun happy $hitheads who think we'll all be safer if we arm ourselves to the teeth and just start firing at whomever we feel threatened by.  They don't even want us to get training to use the guns we buy. 

This organization is truly evil.  It's because of them that we have people like James Holme opening fire in crowded movie theatres; as if it's his f*cking right to shoot people randomly under second amendment protection.

I've had it with the violent, nasty dungpile of a place America has become; and I've had it with the NRA pretending to be something decent and respectful.  They're America's Taliban.

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Anonymous said...

The weird thing about our country is that everything wrong with it is justified by supporters and apologists with something in the Constitution, fictional or not. The NRA is almost an embodiment of the nation's military industrial complex, except instead of tanks and planes, they go with AR-15s. Fortunately, this gun rights extremism is limited to a dying white Protestant demographic. When they can finally be reigned in is the biggest question.