Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Carolina Legislates Stupid - We can Do It Here in Wisconsin, TOO!

In a blurb in the Shepard Express, I read that the North Carolina Senate passed a bill by the state House of Representatives that orders scientists to use the "correct" way to predict weather in North Carolina.  The bill requires that only historical analogies back to 1900 be used to predict sea level rise.  This means scientists must ignore feedback loops in which recent, consistent heat and violent atmospheric conditions suggest more radical weather.  An example:  nine of the hottest 10 years on record have occurred since 2000 but North Carolina scientists must not be swayed by that fact because only patterns of the more stable 20th century can forecast 21st century sea levels. 

Now, perhaps the North Carolina coastal property owners believe the 39 inch rise in sea level by 2100 that is predicted by many scientists would threaten property values.  So they would rather believe the perhaps 8 inch rise that House Bill 819 would indicate, based on the legally mandated model.

I seem to see exactly where this country is going.  Truth, science, fact and prediction are going to be legislated out of consideration, while those of us who virtually cannot stop living in the past will force the rest of us to reside there, next to them.  Sheer ignorance.  Meanwhile, here comes the future, and it is MURDER!

I like the outer banks, but frankly, that 39 inch sea level rise can't come quick enough.  When you're up to your a$$ in saltwater, may the crocodiles of your misconception gently chew off the part of your anatomy where your intelligence resides.  What a feast will be available!

One wonders how long it will take before this misguided anti-thought process will wend its way through every state house in the union.  If you won't BE stupid, your elected officials will FORCE it on you to serve their agenda!   Go America. 

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