Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milwaukee County Ethics Board

I recently received a letter from Veronica W. Robinson, Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Ethics Board. Sheeeeessss..... what a HUGE job she has. doesn't really appear anyone is actually doing this job, in light of recent events at the Behavioral Health Division.

Anyhow, the letter was personally addressed to me and was signed by Ms. Robinson, although it purported to be a mass-mailing to all recent retirees, reminding them of their obligation to promote ethical behavior through voluntary compliance with Milwaukee County's Ethics Code. Included with the letter was a brochure describing what an ethics code is and how it impacts former employees. It also lists some restrictions in place for former employees. None of this is really applicable to me.

I am writing a blog that sometimes points out the failings of our local government and puts our local elected official, County Executive Scott Walker, in, admittedly, a very bad light. I don't put Mr. Walker in this bad light. Mr. Walker does this all by himself by his incompetence and unwillingness to effectively govern. Mr. Walker is a poster child for the new Republican Party, the Party of "NO". However, even the Party of No has to retreat and regroup when such outrageous events as the Behavioral Health Division debacle forces them into the corner of election-losing bad public relations. Currently, Mr. Walker is discussing all the money he's going to pour into BHD to fix the problems. FAT CHANCE. But I digress.

For Mr. Walker, or anyone in his administration to send me a letter and a brochure on Ethical Behavior is laughable. I'm not the one ethically challenged here. For the Party of No to attempt to quash my first amendment right of free speech is a statement of just how far removed these politicians are from the United States Constitution. A vote for Scott Walker for any political office is equivalent to signing up for a cultural diversity seminar put on by the Nazi Party. Wake up and smell the stench, folks. The State of Wisconsin needs an intelligent leader, not a poster child with an empty head. Mr. Walker fits the rhetoric of his party, but the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. Off with my head, maybe! But I'll continue to write the naked truth.

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