Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zero Geniuses on Board

Would you send a loved-one for treatment of a major illness to a facility where the top administrator had no clear understanding of the illness? Of course you wouldn't. Welcome to Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.

I am still appalled at what is going on in this facility at it's top levels. I know that the doctors there do their utter best to deliver excellent care to the patients, that is, when the administrators aren't on their backs to discharge people who aren't really ready to be returned to the streets and neighborhoods from which they hale. I'm not so sure about the nurses. They all seem dismotivated, more interested in a variety of other issues, most regarding pay rates, seniority rights and time off, than providing a quality service. I say this, because there are so many of them; nurse staffing at this facility has the highest per patient ratio in any mental health facility in the state, and yet, there happened to be several sexual assaults on their watch. Hello! Did anyone recognize that this is a rather large problem? It wouldn't take a genius to figure out quantity versus quality. Of course, there are no geniuses on the administrative board at MCBHD.

Let's get down to the politics of this situation. The Administrator of Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division was, is and always has been under-qualified to run a facility of this size and complexity. However, he aligned himself with the top County Administrator, County Executive Scott Walker, who is truly not a genius but rather a Republican hack who once possessed that Republican look that sells elections so well (squeaky clean, conservative, anti-anything for the common good or benefit of less fortunate citizens) but who now looks like he's attended one too many $100 a plate dinners. He's a fat cat. He picked another fat cat, Mr. John Chianelli, to run the behavioral health division. Mr. Walker truly does not believe in mental health service delivery; and he found a willing accomplice in Mr. Chianelli. The end result of this is the disgusting mess that exists today at the hospital. Kudos you two! What a couple of nimrod morons. The only thing you should be running for is the outskirts of town, on two big rails. You should voluntarily remove yourselves, you're an embarassment to yourselves. And you're too STUPID to grasp it.

Mr. Walker is currently running for election as the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. He is crying wolf and asking his opponents not to turn the sexual assaults "situations" into a political issue. Maybe if he had taken the appointment of the administrator at this hospital seriously, and avoided politics in the name of professionalism, we could believe him. It is politics baby, even for a numbskull like you who has no clue what real politics should be. DO NOT VOTE SCOTT WALKER INTO ANY POSITION OF POWER. We should commit him for 30 days to Milwaukee County Behavioral Health so he can see first-hand the result of his "political" appointment. Obviously the decision on the appointment of a mental health administrator took a bad turn and is reason to suspect Mr. Walker's mental status, or lack thereof (politics aside). As for Mr. Chianelli, he should just be sent to a fat farm to get rid of his extensive lard, most specifically the thick layer of fat encasing his brain and obviously leading to errors in judgment.

Let's get rid of both these clowns.


Anonymous said...

Intresting story here.
Bla bla bla,
Mda mda mddas dasd sada sdasd.

Citizen X said...

Not quite sure what your comment is actually trying to say.