Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Continuing Debacle of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

Alas, it's all a matter of public record now. Names have been named and secrets exposed.

The astounding question remains, however. Why wasn't a violent sexual predator placed in a secure facility, like the State Hospital in Mendota? The answer is relatively simple. Scott Walker, the County Executive, conspired with John Chianelli, the Director of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, to save money by not serving the needs of Milwaukee County's mentally ill clients. We all know that the politics of the Republican party is to save money, cut taxes (usually just for the wealthy)and exploit the most vulnerable members of society simply because they are the least likely people to object. I don't see any difference in what these two local yokels have done here than I do with what the Nazi doctors were doing in their experiments at the death camps.

For now, the witch hunt is on. Hopefully, rather than dredging up the less than exemplary past of the treating psychiatrist, the media and the good taxpayers of Wisconsin will place the blame where it duly belongs - on Scott Walker, John Chianelli, Tom Harding, a few other top ranking administrators who have now proven themselves as rank amateurs, and an inept and entitled nursing staff. I believe every person involved in the cover up of the rape and pregnancy of the patient at BHD should lose their license to practice medicine or administer a hospital. This should happen at the very least. I am sending a copy of this blog post to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office and asking what steps are being taken to prevent these supposed professionals from causing any further harm. I will do the same with the Wisconsin Board of Regulation and Licensing. I am FED UP with the criminal acts of people whose salary I'm paying. Falsifying medical records is a criminal act. There are more criminal acts involved here, but let's leave that to the prosecutors.

I would like to see criminal charges filed against all of these bunglers. If the victim was not mentally retarded and had any capacity to fend for herself, you'd better believe you would see a swift and equitable justice. As it stands, I seem to be just a lone voice that speaks up for injustice.

So the good taxpayers of the State of Wisconsin have a clear understanding of the cost of this debacle, to have placed the violent sexual predator at Mendota for one year would have cost $250,000. Now imagine what this case is going to cost you taxpayers over the next few decades? This is an astronomical figure brought on by an atrociously incompetent group of people masquerading as professionals.

Again, where's the outrage. Let's hope we see it in the gubernatorial election, at least.

And to all the honest, hardworking and truly professional people who have worked for many years at BHD, let's say thank you. It can't be easy being honorable and competent in that three ring political circus. Let's hope you'll move forward and continue to do great work and that you'll do it with professional management and adequate funding in the future. I believe great work is done at BHD, despite the best efforts of consummate politicians and administrative hacks to thwart it.

And finally, kudos to the media in this town, i.e., The Milwaukee Journal, for exposing and staying on top of this story.

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