Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deputy Director of WHAT?????

Well, Milwaukee County Behavioral Health is in the news again. John Chianelli has been demoted. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Mr. Chianelli's new title is Deputy Director of the Disabilities Services Division. We can only hope that this is a politically motivated decision, and Mr. Chianelli will, in fact, have no power to wreak more havoc in his latest appointment. Seriously, one of Mr. Chianelli's former charges was, in fact, a mentally disabled woman who became pregnant because of Mr. Chianelli's "budget-saving" decisions. You don't demote someone into a position after that happens, you fire the stupid S.O.B. and keep him as far away from patient health care as you can. But then, we live in interesting times, i.e., an election year. Because of the timing, Scott Walker can't be seen as having no faith in Mr. Chianelli's abilities by actually firing him. It was Scott Walker, himself, who put Mr. Chianelli into the job of Director of the Behavioral Health Decision. Obviously, Mr. Chianelli has one redeeming qualification in the eyes of the Walker Administration; he is their political hack. Good citizens of Wisconsin, should Mr. Walker obtain the governorship, you will be surrounded by political hacks as inept as Mr. Chianelli. Wake up and smell the rot of utter incompetence.

Mr. Walker certainly must view his constituents as stupid. This is evidenced by the latest appointment of Mr. Chianelli to any post. Wisconsinites are not stupid, Mr. Walker. Yes, we want our tax dollars spent wisely......and the dollars adding up in the defense of Mr. Chianelli and his less than intelligent administrators is not only outrageous, but it will probably bankrupt Milwaukee County. It is a sad day for any local government when it's leaders continue to make horribly wrong decisions based on saving face. Walker, your face can't be saved; it's got the mark of stupid all over it.

Let me just close by saying this. Look at the mess Milwaukee County is in. Do we need to take this level of ignorance state-wide? No, we do not. Let's send Mr. Walker and all of his budget cutting directives back where they belong; out of the public forum. My fervent wish is that Mr. Walker loses the election, has a nervous breakdown and ends up at Milwaukee County Behavioral Health for the treatment he has deemed appropriate for other Milwaukee County citizens. Talk about poetic justice.
The GOP golden boy is nothing more than a disgusting puppet for the ultra-wealthy. He does not care about Joe-Wisconsin. He does not care about anything; he's too empty-headed.


As an afterthought ---- where is the criminal investigation to what happened at the Behavioral Health Division? I won't rest until people are held accountable. There isn't a rug big enough to sweep this under, you hopeless morons. Put down your brooms and get the hell out of our town.

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