Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scott Walker-Racist at Large, Running for Governor

Anyone who lives in Milwaukee understands that Scott Walker is a consummate politician, as well as an idiot. The two have become almost synonymous these days. However, Scott Walker lives in a racist bubble that is so abhorrent to common decency that I must take a moment to remark.

Everyone knows that the Republican Party is adamantly opposed to mass transit (i.e., high speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison) because, supposedly, this will hurt their biggest contributors (the auto industry and big oil). Fighting any kind of progress that is good for the common man and great for the environment is priority one of the Republican Party.

So, when President Obama visits Milwaukee, one of Walker's staffers, Jill Bader, a mouthpiece of the moronic, puts out a tweet about riding the soul train, a thinly veiled racist message that purportedly was to express Walker's opposition to high speed rail. Backfired on you, Idiot! The message clearly is that Walker is not a friend to anyone who isn't white, wealthy and without a moral compass. He simply cannot appeal to anyone outside that description. And he certainly, by this tweet, has stated boldly and loudly, "Walker Despises People of Color".

How this guy got enough backing to run for Governor is a mystery. If there are that many idiots in Wisconsin, maybe the state needs to be run by the biggest idiot of all. Maybe I'll put my "Move out of Wisconsin" plan on the fast track. I have no problem with conservative viewpoints, but the Republican Party has become far more than conservative. It is deceitful, decrepit and repugnant. It is the party of old rich white men who would stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, despite the fact that the status quo is simply NOT WORKING FOR ANYONE anymore. It's too bad that all these rich old white men have enough money to keep themselves alive, long after they should have died of old age and/or stupidity. Republicans, do your country a favor! Drop Dead and let the Next Generation have a Fighting Chance! The cesspool you've made of America is something we will all have to clean up. May you drown in fecal rot in your next incarnation.....truly a fate too GOOD for you.

Everyone knows America is on a bad road. What everyone doesn't know is that Republicans have built this road and have paved it with powerful lies and thinly disguisted bigotry. We are descending into a dollar driven tyranny. When are we going to rise up and take back America from these pirates, marauders and thieves?

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