Friday, August 20, 2010

The Optimist

I am not ever optimistic, in fact, I kind of think people who are optimists are just dazed and confused, and too lazy to ponder the bad outcomes that will probably occur.

However, I'm trying to turn over a new, more optimistic leaf. It's not easy. This world is such a freakin' paradise turned parking lot, it's hard to feel good about my fellow man. Still I AM trying.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me about not seeing things in so harsh a light.

For example, when I walk through the park and there is garbage strewn all over the place, except in the trash cans which are liberally placed every 20 feet, how can I love my neighbor or feel optimistic about the future of the neighborhood? I don't want to live with rats, and obviously these trash spewing f'heads enjoy crawling around in their own garbage. Put an optimistic spin on that for me, okay. I think my neighbors are trash loving rats. What would an optimist say? What would an optimist feel? I seriously don't have a clue. Here's what I feel ---- I don't give a RAT'S ASS how poor you are, how ignorant you are or how psychotic you are. Trash cans are for trash. It's not difficult, you f'n pig moron.

Optimistically, I remain, disgustedly yours.

P.S. Don't send me any religious pamphlets, please. Because if you think I feel strongly negative about garbage, just try me on religious rhetoric.

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