Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Propaganda Machine and the Dumbing Down of America

Apparently, a new ruling allows any form of propaganda to be published on national television, with no link or credit to the creators of the material.

It is amazing how scary this country has become. Whatever we're on the brink of, it isn't good.

A large percentage of Americans are uneducated, through no real fault of their own. Education seems to be an option for the wealthy or the willing to go into debt for the next fifty years. The days of self-educated people seems to be over. Unfortunately, an uneducated public will buy into what they see on television, and hold it as Gospel truth. They will never expend the effort to trace the facts or dispute the lies, and the twisted reality to which they are exposed becomes some manner of national truth. A stupid public is an easily beguiled public. An easily beguiled public is a public ripe for tyranny. If you really want a better America, make education mandatory and FREE!

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