Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leaving Nazi Milwaukee

I am going to really vent about the freakin' airport in Milwaukee.  I went to pick up my husband and pulled over to the curb at baggage claim.  I had a stinkin' sheriff's deputy on my a$$ within 10 seconds, lights flashing and giving me the "look".

My husband was literally walking over to the car so I turned around and gave the deputy my own personal look which I hope translated as "f*ck off you a$$hole".  I then popped the trunk on my car to block the emergency lights, which were getting annoying and to more or less let this particular deputy know he could stick his lights and his f*cked up attitude where the colonoscopy shines.

I know that the deputies have to prevent people from parking for extended periods of time in the baggage claim area, but this was just utter harassment from an overzealous brownshirt, and really makes a statement of how much Sheriff Clarke has turned what should be a highway/jailing/process serving office into a police state.  I don't f*cking need to be harassed by someone whose f*cking salary I'm paying.  If I had been there 10 minutes, I would get it, and drive over to the cell phone lot, but I hadn't even put my car into park before this $hithead was on me.

Sheriff Clarke has radicalized his department deputies to think they are some kind of paramilitary organization and that harassment of citizens at the airport is "okay".  Clarke is an idiot - we all know that - and he causes a lot of difficulty for a lot of different people because, as my husband says, he acts like someone with an advanced, brain damaging case of syphilis.  Whatever, the country should really take note, because Sheriff Clarke, in his right wing, overstepping way has mobilized his law enforcement unit into a bunch of bullies.  If all law enforcement agencies acted like the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department, we'd have plenty to fear, believe me.  I understand Sheriff Clarke demands his underlings to salute their superiors.  I've got my one finger salute for you, Clarke.  Here's to ya!

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