Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Crazy Mean Streets of Wauwatosa!

My husband just came home and told me he watched two young boys steal a car, as the owner stood on the sidewalk right next to his automobile, talking to someone.

Lessons to be learned:

Don't leave the keys in your car, don't leave your car running and don't think it's okay to do these things in a squeaky clean suburb like Wauwatosa.  No matter how big you build your castle, you are insulated from nothing.  Safety is a perception, and an unreliable one, at that.

As the policies of our society force more people into desperation, society must be prepared to accept the criminal consequences of apathetic and uncompassionate legislation. 

This is the second time this week my husband has dialed 9-1-1 for someone.   Earlier in the week, a woman at the liquor store he frequents ran out with a couple of 40's tucked under her arm.  The clerk grabbed her purse  when she was just one inch from a clean getaway and yanked it back into the store.  Then came the face down - shoplifter screaming through the glass how she's going to "f*ck you up bad you don't gimme dat purse".  Clerk behind the locked door, holding the purse and his cell phone up.  This, also, happened in Wauwatosa.

Is our society completely insane?  Hard to tell.

But it's easy to remember that it is no measure of mental health to be well-adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick.

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