Thursday, May 9, 2013

Social Security Checks Coming in My Future!

I recently applied for social security; and received my benefits statement in the mail today. 

I was somewhat disgusted that my first check won't arrive until about two months past my sixty-second birthday.....I have big plans for blowing that first check on a shopping spree in New York.  Alas, it won't be in August, but probably October.  I'll have to make sure my friend in the big city will put me up for a few days then.  Can't waste valuable shopping money on a hotel room.  I'm sure she'll be fine with it, and New York is lovely in Autumn.  I plan to buy all the summer clothing I can put my hands on, as by autumn, I'm hopeful our plans to move to Louisiana or Mississippi will actually materialize.  Short of Gary, Indiana or Fargo, North Dakota, I can't think of a more stinking place to live than Milwaukee.

It was a little disconcerting to see how much money my monthly social security check will actually be.  Thank God I don't have to live on it, and I have another pension check coming in.  Otherwise, I'd be looking at low income elderly housing instead of browsing real estate listings in the deep south.  Did I mention my husband is a doctor.  That helps, too!

Regardless, after thirty plus years in the workforce, I wouldn't exactly say my social life could be considered secure at the rate they're going to pay me.  But I won't be eating dog food, either.

I am very happy I'm collecting this benefit at the first available moment.  I don't trust the republicans to leave social security intact; but it will be much harder for them to come after my money if I'm already collecting the benefit.  I also don't trust the local yokels here in Milwaukee to not tamper with my pension here, either.  It's a sad day when the country you live in is viewed to be totally corrupt and out to f*ck over its citizenry.

What happened to America?  Where did it go? 

Down with the Ruling Class!
Throw the bastards out on their ASS!

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