Sunday, September 29, 2013

BP and the Evil Empire

Frankly, I'm not surprised that a corporation like BP is fighting, tooth and nail, every possible fine and payout they were ordered to make.  No culpability seems to be the multi-national conglomerate mantra these days.

This corporation did untold damage in the Gulf of Mexico by having a blow out at one of their deep water rigs, and now they are trying to find ways not to compensate gulf coast residents for their huge mistake. 

I've always thought pouring oil over the heads, bodies, families and homes of all BP executives; forcing them to live an oil saturated life for the next decade would be an excellent remedy and a cautionary example to avoid future catastrophes like this.  However, I like to live in a poetically just world, which is somewhat difficult on this plane of existence.

So, let's hit the ba$tards in the wallet and fine them appropriately; force them to make reparations for the extensive damage they've inflicted.  Unfortunately, this does little good to brown pelicans, who have trouble opening bank accounts without appropriate identification.  Shrimp, dolphins, sharks, red snappers and sea turtles suffer the same indignities.

Billion dollar corporations  like BP think they are above the law; they don't believe they owe anyone anything, (except, of course, themselves and their shareholders).  They actually do believe that the money they lost during the accidental pumping of 210 million gallons of crude into the gulf is punishment enough.

It's time Louisiana and the United States of America kicked British Petroleum, and other foreign corporations out of our coastal waters.  Exploitation is a crime and corporations like BP are just exploitative, fueled by insatiable greed.  Certainly we can do better, or at the very least, we can do less harm.  Maybe that's what our mantra should be.  "We won't hurt you as much".  Yes, it stinks, but it is still better than the arguments being put forth by BP in their weaseling attempts to renege on their compensation agreements. 


AlexisAR said...

But don't you watch their tV commercials? BP is doing sO MUCH for the environment. [sarcasm font]

I totally agree with your thoughts about poetic justice. Let the b@$t@rd$ eat, drink, and live in their own filthy oil for awhile. Let them see and really feel what their little mishap made life like for fish, water fowl, and even for people who love the natural beauty of the waters or make their livings off its resources.

Citizen X said...

I have seen their commercials and it makes me nauseous to watch this company spoon-feed their squalid lies to U.S. citizens