Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Would Eddie Munster Do?

Paul Ryan came out against President Obama's proposed plan(s) to deal with Syria and its use of chemical weapons against its citizenry.

Big Surprise.  Paul Ryan immediately opposed anything intelligent simply by virtue of the fact that it came from Obama.  Ryan definitely went to the school of adversarial academics.  He criticized the president for wanting to explore diplomatic solutions, while stating that military strikes would be ineffective.  God Forbid Paul Ryan ever would be president, because this joker can't come up with any plan for anything, except a plan to be negative and wishy washy.

I wish I had Paul Ryan's crystal balls, because I'd kick him so hard his past would be his future.  And his past shows him to be a very sore loser. 

I, along with most Americans, are sick to death of the oppositional politics of the GOP, especially members of the GOP who are not based in reality or committed to working harmoniously to solve problems.  The Paul Ryans and Scott Walkers of the country are key in destroying everything that makes America great.  Then again, the Ryans and the Walkers promise to be the downfall of the GOP, and in that regard, we can all rejoice.


AlexisAR said...

We'll all remember for the rest of our lives where we were when we lerned of the attcks and the hours following. I guess it's just like "where were you when Kennedy was shot?" for the older genertion. My parents narrowly missed the JFK assassination (actually my dad was a baby), but most of my mom's older siblings remember both that and 911.

One of my uncles flew a bogus Air Force 1 around for awhile directly after the strike, once the President left the elementary school and went up in the real Air Force 1.

AlexisAR said...

I'm worried about the republican partisanism in relation to thr Syria thing. it seems clear that there's no good plan or easy solution. It's all a matter of deciding what is the least of the evils. For the more vocal republicans, it's all about making Obama look bad. They'd much rather have the worst outcome for the Syrian people, for our nation, or for the world, than risk having Obama get credit for smoothing over anything. If he acts without the benefit of congress' support, he's a dictator. If he seeks the support of congress, he's hiding behind them.

One CA paper posted coonsecutive days' quotes from Devin Nunes, R- House of Representatives, CA. The first day he was criticizing Obama for having the gall to use force with Congree' backing. The next day, he criticized Obama for hiding behind congress. I was glad the newspaper juxtaposed the quotes and called Nunes out for his comments.