Friday, September 6, 2013

Walker and the GOP Sickeningly Transparent

Scott Walker recently reneged on a $500,000 grant to a sportsman group in Wisconsin (that had supported his gubernatorial campaigns).  I guess when you set your sights on the White House, you can't afford to be seen giving taxpayer funds to your cronies.  Nevertheless, Walker would have given the money to this group, because this is what the Walker's of the GOP always do.  They complain about big government and how citizens can't afford it, but as soon as they're elected they distribute billions of dollars to their friends, while cutting social programs.   Citizens of Wisconsin simply can't afford Walker.

In more news, Walker admitted he erred in giving the Capitol Police Chief a huge raise.  Duh, ya think? 

I am so sick of the republican party and their insistence that they are out to save money and cut government spending.  Bull$shit.  They're out to steal as much as they can from people who have little to begin with.  This is their plan - kill off the poor and turn America into the amusement park of the rich.  As if the rich had any creativity or even were capable of being amused. 

GOP --- Get (to) 0 Poor.

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