Monday, September 9, 2013

Elysian a Big Bomb

My husband was excited that I suggested we go see the movie "Elysian".  It sounded pretty good as a premise; earth in a post apocalyptic anarchy, and the rich people living in a man made paradise on a space vehicle high above the chaos.  Oh, and the rich desperate to keep the rest of mankind off.  Sounds sort of like the Hamptons, or Beverly Hills.  At any rate, I went to see it and it stunk up the theatre.  Truly, I do not understand how Hollywood can take ANY creative idea, turn it into a bloodbath with Ironman hardware suits, and call it a movie.  I was truly bored, but now my husband owes me two chick flicks, so I guess suffering through it was worth it. 

I think the movie evaded the bigger question, at least for the super rich.  How will they keep out the riff raff?  I'm sure they spend lots of time thinking about that.  If this movie had addressed that issue, it might have been worth seeing.  Jodie Foster was a formidable stiff, reminiscent of Barbara Bush in her attitude toward the lower classes.

In other weird news, Iowa is going to pass a bill to allow people who are legally blind to have guns.  Glad I don't have any family in Iowa, which is short for Idiots Out Walking Around.

The debate rages on about what to do about Syria and its crazy leader.  I guess America should ask itself what the population would do here if Obama decided to use poison gas against its citizens. 

And just a personal note here, I'm so pi$$ed that the Packers failed to kick the a$$ of the 49ers yesterday, I've decided to become a Saints fan for the 2013/14 season.  Well, that's not true.  I'll always follow the Pack, but it was a disappointing season opener for cheeseheads everywhere. 
Hopefully, when the playoffs finally roll around, Green Bay will give them a drubbing they'll never forget, complete with a game ending bad call.

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