Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Any Ditch'll Do?

Here I am in Louisiana, where I'm a little unhappy about the town I'm living in not having a recycling program.  Any Ditch Will Do?  Apparently, I can voluntarily recycle items, but I have to pack them up and drive them to a center.  Ah well, no place is perfect....but for a progressive city, not having a recycling program is a big negative to me.

Nevertheless, I'm out of Wisconsin, it's horrendous politics, it's apathetic citizenry and it's 65% of the time really intolerable weather. 

So far, I'm loving it.  Yes it's hot and humid.  Yes, Baton Rouge is very congested, especially at rush hour.  And yes, you cannot expect to drive up the road I live on during an LSU game because the people here worship football and the Tigers.  But I went to a Zydeco festival in Cajun country, and had an absolutely delightful time.  I've skipped Summerfest in Milwaukee for at least the past decade, because it seems to bring out a large group of bozos who ruin it for everyone else.  At the Zydeco Festival, everyone was having fun; dancing, singing along and behaving as you would expect people to behave in a civilized society.

And people smile and talk to each other - apparently, there's no such thing as a stranger in Louisiana.  At least, that's my experience thus far.

For a small city, I've managed to get lost a few times.  But I've found an absolutely fabulous Italian grocery store, a gigantic shoe store (my downfall - but I just unpacked my shoes and there will be NO more shoes) and a nice green market.  Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment in a part of town that I've not been too, and I'm expecting I'll find other delightful places.

At any rate, I'm out of Wisconsin.  I'll keep up with the idiot Governor for entertainment value, and I sort of am putting off delving into Louisiana politics.  I guess the corruption here is so blatant, it's refreshing.  No one even bothers to hide their indiscretions behind closed doors.  But more on that as I become more familiar with the lay of the land.

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Anonymous said...

In Illinois, we had lovely rolling recycling garbage bins, and it was mandatory, I believe. In Michigan, they have ergonomically incorrect bins that you carry. But at least it's something. Michigan has a can recycling program. 10 cents a can. You NEVER see a can on the side of the street.