Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Baton Rouge Advocate Gets it Wrong

I had one of many lazy moments today where I sat down to read the newspaper, and had to laugh when they referred to Scott Walker as the Governor of Florida.  Well, its an easy enough mistake, I guess.  Florida is probably on a par with Wisconsin when it comes to stupidity in politics. 

I drove across Baton Rouge today during the end of rush hour --- a total mistake.  This city is so congested, it's unbelievable.  Felt like I was trying to drive across Los Angeles in a shriner car with a flat tire.  On the plus side, I got to look around more, and notice the differences in the neighborhoods.  I'm living in a new development just outside Baton Rouge's southwest side.  Everything around me is brand new, very elegant homes and planned communities.  It was nice to look around the older part of town, which has amazingly gracious homes.  There were some really blighted neighborhoods, too, sort of back to back with the nice ones.  Makes me really glad we decided to live outside of town.  I found the Whole Food Store and the tres chic mall. Also found L'Auberge casino, which is as elegant as anything in Vegas, and has a beautiful terrace overlooking the Mississippi.

At any rate, the city clears out after rush hour ..... I don't think Baton Rougeians go out at night. Probably too exhausted from the drive home from work.  I drove downtown and looked around, then drove back home through LSU.....very little traffic at all.  Very Milwaukee like.  For a big university town, I thought there would be more happening.  Oh well.  I know where to go for happening when I want to.  I could have made it to New Orleans in the time it took me to drive across this city and that's pretty funny.  I must remember not to drive through LSU when there's a football game.  People here really love the Tigers.  I've never seen such a big football stadium. 

I think I'll become a Saints fan, now.  At least, I think I can afford to go to one of their games, unlike taking out a loan to go watch football in Green Bay.  But then, I can't really ever let go of the green and gold and I don't even know the Saints' colors.

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AlexisAR said...

The saints are black and gold, as in metallic gold, as opposed to the yelllow-gold of Green Bay. You may find it hard not to leave your loyalties there. after all, it's the only team that won't threaten to pack up and move to another cityif it gets a better stadium offer or whatever. I toured their facility once. It was pretty cool. my dad liked the part where you got to kick field goals. I just liked buying Bart Starr's autobiography because I wasout of reading material. Bart Starr and his wife are both southrners originally, though, and I think they still spend a lot of time in the south because their son ive there.

I've never been to Baton rouge --only to New Orleans. We went to a terribly sad wax museum that depicted slave families being broken up at auctions. I was only five, and I remember crying when I saw the one exhibit. My parents probably shouldn't have shown it to us.

Then there was a supposedly haunted mansion where a crazy woman had chained a family of slaves, including the children, in a basement and starved them to death. I can remember obsessing over that as well and wanting to go back and stare at the building. Finally my parents decided it was unnhealthy.

We did find a restaurant right off Bourbon Street that sold kick-ass pizza for really cheap that we had for lunch.