Sunday, August 25, 2013

Out of Milwaukee - and Feeling Good!

I'm about halfway to Baton Rouge, spending the night in Arkansas with a cat who is madder than hell about a 9 hour road trip.  Ah, well.  We're halfway there.

I felt very sad about leaving my friends and my family, and a few tears rolled down my cheeks, but when I hit Racine County, I was just ecstatic.  I don't ever want to live in Wisconsin again, and I feel like I'll never have to.  Making the initial move was incredibly burdensome, but now that it's made, I really am beginning to understand I no longer have to live in a city I really don't like, in a state that's lost all of its charm (for me).  This feels very good and by the time I reached the Illinois border, I was in full joyful mode.

The cat, not so much.  He's really upset and when he's upset, he poops on the floor to let you know.  My car will never be the same.  It's not like the cat box wasn't available, he just was having his usual catitude, and alas, I'll get more of the same tomorrow.  Oh well, he doesn't know it yet, but he won't miss winter either.  Cat brains are very small. By tomorrow morning, it will all seem like fresh torture to him.

Got very tired somewhere in the Missouri boot heel and had to drink a gigantic coke for the caffeine.  It really helped, but physically, I feel just awful from it.  Giving up Coke was good for my health and if I didn't have a rotten little cat with me, I'd stick to coffee, but I have to time my pit stops to less than the 3 minutes it takes for the car to get unbearably hot.  So fun to travel this way. 

Oh well.......I have a free pass to all things unpleasant, icky, boring, weird or just plain stupid for at least the next two years.  My husband will have to do it.


Anonymous said...

So what will you blog about in your new state?

AlexisAR said...

Travel safely. I'm sure your former governor sends his fondest regards.

Citizen X said...

Already I'm appalled at the lack of environmental awareness here in Louisiana. Not surprised - just appalled. Recycling is voluntary? WTF!!!!! I won't be drinking the tap water here, either. Living on Perrier. Obviously, there will be lots to write about from an environmental standpoint.