Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Do Other Governors TalkTo Scott Walker at the Milwaukee Governor's Conference?

Real Slow.


AlexisAR said...

I think you're ight. They speak slowly to him. And probably loudly as well, the way people instincitively spak to a person whose English is limited, as though amplifying what is no understood will somehow make it more comprehensible. It matters not, though, because Scott will not comprehend what is being transmitted, unless it is, perhaps, in Klingon.

Citizen X said...

I agree completely.....Scott Walker speaks the language of ideology, or in his case, idiotology.

Anonymous said...

They have to use really small words and sentences. Words should be no longer than four letters otherwise it gets too complicated for him. Actually, Scooter should be used to four letter words since most of the X-rated four letter words apply to him. I no longer think about Scooter because he would drive my blood pressure up and I hope to live for a few years more. If fools choose to vote for him, so be it, and they wuill reap their own reward.