Thursday, August 1, 2013

Despicable People

One of the big news stories in Milwaukee today is the sentence of seven years that a man received for killing his girlfriend's two year old daughter.  Front page news, as he walks out of court with a smirk on his face, happy to have gotten it over on the system one more time.  The girl's mother also pleaded to lesser charges and will walk out of prison in a short time.

I guess I have to assume these two people are junkies or worse; it takes some kind of a morally bereft, brain addled person to beat a two year old to death unless you're coming off a high or trying to enjoy the heroin that has just entered your vein, and the two year old wants something to eat.  Ooops......did they forget to feed her for a day or two?

The mother has three other children, all of whom had been assessed by the Bureau of Child Welfare, and abuse charges found to be "unsubstantiated".  My a$$.  Abuse charges unsubstantiated were probably based on the path of least resistance for these workers to actually collect their paychecks while not doing their jobs. 

So, the two year old is dead, the three other kids are in foster care, and the mother and her a$$hole boyfriend are going to prison for what can only be considered a sweetheart of a plea bargain.

These stories really upset me and bring out a rage inside me that is hard for me to accept as my own.  I do hope these two get to prison and become instant targets for anyone inside who is a real hardened criminal; someone who killed/maimed/tortured other adults and not babies, some gang banger with full blown psychotic features.  Baby killers should have their lives destroyed by bigger bullies than themselves.  That front page smirk on the murderer's face makes me want to see him bloodied and brain dead; forced to live in a hospital bed while he fills his diapers with the rotten stink of whatever is inside him.  Terrible to feel this way, but that smirk inspired me.  I'm despicable for feeling this way, I know.  But may poetic justice prevail here and may these two end up as dead as that toddler.  Two less vermin on the earth.


AlexisAR said...

I understand from where you come. Such cases and such lack of justice turn me into a vengeful Old Testament bitch. (I apologize to anyone who reads this who is Jewish. There is merit to the Old Tstament,but someone said it first, and Tevye from "Fiddler on the Roof" restated it when he said, "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind." Yet for these weevil baby killers, I want them blind, toothless, and dead. I don't like feeling that way, but I like people who beat two-yer-olds to death any less.

My aunt is an ADA. She says our county isn't too bad, but there's a county not far from where I am in which, if a three-year-old was having every pseudonym for the Messiah carved into his body with an exacto knife at a given moment, which actually happened, if it was coffee break time, which it was, no one from CPS would consider geting up off their lazy butts until coffee break was over. Thank goodness for that poor child that a police officer put his donut down and went to the baby's aid, getting there somewhere between "wonderful" and "counselor." Otherwise, the child would also have a permanent record of "Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace on his chest" As if, whether a person is born again fundie, liberally Catholic or Protestant, Jewish, Hindu agnostic, atheist,or none of the above, he or she would think any Prince of Peace, divine or otherwise, would want his name carved into a baby with an exacto knife or anything else. Let the prionsers have their way with that subhuman, too.

Citizen X said...

Yeah - my capacity to tolerate the evil in the world is very very limited.