Friday, August 2, 2013

WE Energy Customers going to get Gouged Again

Everyone knows WE Energies is a terrible company; from the rates they charge to residential households, to the bonuses they pay to their top executives; these guys are the greediest whores in Wisconsin. 

They just lost a huge account with a mining company in northern Wisconsin, who has the ability to purchase their energy from an upper Michigan electric service provider.  Don't worry; this won't hurt WE Energies at all; they'll just pass this multi-million dollar loss onto you, the residential customer.

Here is why I hate this company this morning:

I'm moving to Louisiana, where my husband has resided in our new house for the past two months.  It's summer, it's southern Louisiana, so the air conditioner runs pretty much non stop.  He got our first month's energy bill yesterday, which was approximately $70.  If he pays it on time, it goes down to $62.    Granted, our house in Louisiana is brand new construction, built to the highest green standards, with a super efficient HVAC system.  But still, Louisiana is very hot and humid in the summer, so getting a bill for $62 for a month's of energy usage pretty much astounded both of us.

WE Energies, on the other hand, costs me approximately $2700 per year.  I haven't run my air conditioner at all because it has been, for the most part, a very cool summer.  I'm in the process of closing up the house and joining my husband, so I use very little energy here - no one is doing laundry, no one is watering the garden, in short, we are moving out. 

WE Energies charges one of the top rates in the country for it's electric/gas service.  Unfortunately, for the people in southeastern Wisconsin, we don't have a choice on where we purchase our energy, it's a monopoly and it represents all the reasons why monopolies should not be allowed in a free enterprise system. 

Frankly, I don't understand why people don't DEMAND accountability on the part of WE Energies.  It is unreasonable to assume that these rates for power are reasonable or fair. 

For my part, I'm leaving this hellacious city and this regressive state for greener pastures.  There truly is no utopia on this planet, but there certainly is a wide selection of hells, and WE Energies brings their particular hell to life each month via your energy bill.

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