Monday, August 19, 2013


When the conservative rag known as the Milwaukee Journal prints a headline stating that Scott Walker, that lazy-eyed, low IQ, poor excuse for a governor, is actually distorting the truth, well, you would think people would stand up and take notice.  But we all believe what we want to believe, don't we?  Oops.  Who am I kidding.  Most people believe whatever is convenient.

Walker's latest skip though the valley of deceit involves his jobs records.  We all remember Scott Walker's campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs here in Wisconsin in the first term of his governorship.  Not exactly happening, but here's what he is saying today:  "Wisconsin has seen its best two year job growth in a decade". 

The Journal goes on to disavow that claim, providing stats and actual job numbers. 

Yet, Scott Walker perpetuates the lie.  Well, politics as usual, right?  Wrong.  Scott Walker spins the truth because he is a liar.  And liars simply cannot stop lying.  And there isn't a group quite like liars when they lie, because they consistently swear they are telling the truth. 

I guess Scott Walker fits perfectly the description and motivation of a pathological liar.  These people lie because they are completely paralyzed by fear that the truth might be discovered.  Scott Walker's truth is that he is unintelligent, unprepared, and unsure of the place he finds himself in, which place he had very little to do with actually attaining.

I do wish liars pants would start on fire with every lie they told.  We'd be a nation of charred a$$es.  The stink of burned fat would be everywhere.  If I wished I had a superpower, it would be to make people choke on the words of every lie they tell. 

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