Monday, August 12, 2013

Scott Walker Loose & Free with Taxpayer Funded Appointments

Ah, yes, Cynthia Archer back in the news with yet another high-paying job in Scott Walker's administration. 

It's amazing how Scott Walker hands out government jobs in his administration like a big fat banker hands out lollipops to a millionaire's kid. 

Now if only Scott Walker had enough compassion to hand out some Badger Care benefits to people who desperately needed them.  We all know Walker is as compassion-less as any other Nazi.  Bereft is the best word to describe Mr. Walker when it comes to any fundamental human emotion associated with caring.

If we are loading up the government here in Wisconsin with Scott Walker sycophants, Wisconsin is doomed to fail on every level.  Scott Walker is a hopelessly lacking human being with no real plan and no real clue.  Those that buy into his ideology seem to be cut from the same material; lightweight and diaphanous.  How long can this band of non-thinking demi-gods hold Wisconsin hostage?  I guess as long as the non-thinking blind faith voters continue to believe in Mr. Walker's house of cards.

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