Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Autumn of My Discontent

I hate winter. A Wisconsin winter is about as joyous as a colicky baby with two heads. I am going to really have to draw on my personal survival resources to get me through five more winters -- the magic number in my husband's head before he is ready to give up his practice and move somewhere reasonable.

I have a sense of foreboding about this winter. I am already sick with some bug that has kept me coughing, sneezing, head achy, feverish, fatigued and ornery. This started in September. After three weeks of symptoms, I've finally made a doctor's appointment. The point is, it's not a good way to kick off the change in season.

I used to cross country ski, which helped pass six months of cold, snow, ice and other assorted miseries. Maybe I should take up skiing again. Except everything I take up now, athletically, seems to hurt a great deal two days after the fact. Hmmm.. Maybe I could get pain medicine and pass the winter in a narcotic haze. This sounds appealing. Then again, not being able to follow the plot line of The Andy Griffith Show probably won't help preserve any of my brain cells. Pretty sure I'd like to retain the intelligence left to me.

I desperately need some winter survival ideas. I could join AA -- just to have someplace to go. I don't really drink much. I don't knit, crochet, sew, or any of that fun hand stuff to keep me occupied. My hands get in trouble a lot, opening doors to shopping malls and boutiques. It's good the roads are icy, which makes me think twice about going out.

I have tons of art supplies, which I hope will help me be creative. Sure wish I had talent, as well. Most of my art endeavors end up half done or thrown out. I have fun doing them, but the end result is, well, hideous, usually.

The thought of being house-bound, even though I love my very charming house, is weighing heavily on my mind. We are one month away from the mid-term elections, and since I live in a state where a lot of interesting issues are at stake, I'm sure I will have fun deriding the good citizens of this state if my candidate picks don't happen to win. But what if my candidates do win???? I need someone new to pick on. Send me suggestions.

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