Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonette Walker Is Alive

Ooooppps, in the essence of journalism accuracy, I just saw my first television commercial featuring Mrs. Walker, which means my earlier blog was inaccurate today. Although I still can't speak to her being a flesh eating zombie or not (they are so cagey), it does appear there actually is a Mrs. Scott Walker.

She was blathering about abortion laws, and how her husband is not unsympathetic to victims of sexual assault crimes (although if they turn up preggers-oh well, no abortion for you). That, actually, is pretty unsympathetic. I am, however, not surprised by the Walkers inability to understand sympathy.

By the by, and I think all enlightened women out there will have some level of agreement with this statement; abortion would be a highly personal, terribly difficult decision to make for most women of integrity. But it is the women's decision. No man should have a thing to say about it, be allowed to enact laws governing it, or attempt to keep women in a controlled state because of it.

Watch out you guys. I may JUST come to power and you may JUST be losing one of your testicles, because I've had enough of your testosterone fueled attempts to suppress women's rights.