Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Defense Budget - The Military/Industrial Complex and the Duping of the American Public

The United States of America had the following defense budget in 2010:

Army 243.9 Billion Dollars

Navy 149.9 Billion Dollars

Marines 29 Billion Dollars

Air Force 170.6 Billion Dollars

Intelligence (HUH?) 50 Billion Dollars (If someone had given me $50,000,000,000, I guarantee you, I would have known Arabs were in flight schools in America.)

Defense Wide 118.7 Billion Dollars

Now why is it that in this time of economic peril and being dangerously close to absolute collapse, no one, and I mean NO ONE in American politics, has brought up the incredible waste of defense spending. Maybe we just have too much testosterone out there to think there might be a way of settling a dispute that didn't involved blowing something to smithereens with a sophisticated, million dollar missile.

Easy fix, in my opinion. Remove a testicle at birth for all males born in the world. Testosterone drops, intelligence raises, potentially dangerous situations are defused intellectually and we still procreate at an alarming rate.

All right, I'm being facetious, although people wanting to enter politics should have to undergo this procedure. At least we'd know they were serious.

America is an ugly tempered kid, intent on being the biggest bully on the planet through defense spending.

Global Distribution of Military Expenditures in 2009:

United States 46.5%
China 6.6%
France 4.2%
United Kingdom 3.8%
Russia 3.5%
Next 10 countries combined 20.7%
Rest of the world 14.7%

A review of these numbers proves that we are outspending everyone on defense.....and for what? Russia is a non-threat. China is going to beat us economically. Yet if we even dare to speak about limiting our defense budget, that action is perceived as anti-American, unpatriotic, communistic and just plain stupid. The reason for that? Greed. Too much money concentrated in a military/industrial complex. America is not safer. America makes the world unsafe through arms sales. And the people who belong to this unholy alliance are getting very rich. No reason to dismantle what works for a few greedy people, eh?

The cost of one stealth bomber can equally educate (and I'm talking four years of college at a good school) every senior who graduates this year in America. Think about that. Wouldn't we do better to make our children smarter? Smarter than we are; less vulnerable to nuclear disaster, which will probably occur not because of any conflict, but purely by accident. That occurrence seems almost inevitable with all the fire power on the planet.

America is a land of stupid and greedy people. I'm not sure anything can save this country; but more importantly, I'm not sure it's worth saving in its current condition. So go wave your flag, promote the defense budget and just be patriotic and GO USA! It'll all blow up in your red white and blue ass eventually.

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