Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scott Walker Kicks Dog; Ron Johnson Swings Cat

Alright, maybe that's not literally true. But I don't think the two politicians, one part idiot, one part millionaire, would enjoy such a rosy image if it was. And on some level, it is.

I am always amazed at how many people respond when they see a wounded or abused animal on a news report. The switchboard lights up with people wanting to adopt and give the poor critter a good home.

Residents of Wisconsin, some of you are these poor critters. In one example, many employees of Milwaukee County have had no pay raises for over five years. No private sector company would have the audacity to not give their hard-working employees some kind of appreciative compensation. Scott Walker hates public employees; it is reflected in every move he's made and every interaction he has had with labor unions.

As a former Milwaukee County employee, I know that some County employees are worthless, long-term, lazy, entitled and embittered. But they are a small minority hopefully on the verge of retirement. Scott Walker kicks all Milwaukee County employees constantly; employees -- you are the dogs. Wake up and vote for Barrett. Mr. Walker talks incessantly about creating jobs. Do not apply.....any job Walker would create will have the stamp of idiocy all over it....and likely, come without benefits.

Ron Johnson is laughable. He must be on a power trip to have spent millions of his own dollars on his campaign. He says he's going to go to Washington and make a difference. Not bloody likely. Keep Feingold in office. Mr. Feingold is a truly dedicated politician.

Like most Republicans, Mr. Johnson lies about his integrity. He also talks about creating jobs. Government does not create jobs, entrepreneurs create jobs. Unfortunately, there are no tax incentives to inspire entrepreneurs because all the money to inspire new business enterprises is ear-marked as tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. Like Mr. Johnson. And...Mr. Walker's campaign contributors.

Mr. Johnson is strolling down the street like the rich guy in Monopoly, but instead of twirling his walking stick, he's swinging a terrified cat by the tail. That cat is anyone who is not a millionaire, in other words, you.

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