Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Smell A Rat in Waukesha County

Again, Ms. Nickolaus has failed to deliver primary election results for Waukesha County on a timely basis.  What does this mean?  Ms. Nickolaus is incompetent in her role?  Well, yeah, that's a given.  What worries me is how Waukesha County may just be pivotal in the Walker recall election.......serve up a mess and skew the results.  Are we being set up for a major disaster come June?

Ms. Nickolaus claims that she tested the process for uploading election results, but that it ultimately failed on election eve.  Documentation was taped to the wall and all votes were hand tallied.  Sheesh.  Give me a break.  Ms. Nickolaus claims that she stayed up all night to finish the job.  Here's a question - does Waukesha County have an IT Department that could have resolved this problem immediately?  Did Ms. Nickolaus fail to call them?  What, exactly, is going on in Waukesha County and the election process?   Well, more proof that this County is a huge joke, inhabited by a citizenry that is willing to accept Ms. Nickolaus' ridiculous job performance. 

No big surprises there.  Brain power is at a minimum in Wisconsin's stinkiest county.  I think that Waukesha has proven itself to be incompetent to handle any type of election, and should be subjected to federal oversight come June.  Otherwise, I see the possibility of all kinds of tampering intended to benefit Scott Walker and his band of desperadoes.  Let's not let that happen.

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