Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thank you, Kathy Nickolaus

The Milwaukee Journal reported today, that Kathy Nickolaus (she of the election debacles in Waukesha County) will not seek another term as County Clerk.  Thank you!  It is, perhaps, the first time I've ever seen someone ill-equipped to handle a government job actually step down instead of get promoted.

In honor of this wise (forced?) decision, I, too, have decided to not do things I'm ill-suited to do.  Like work.  Please send $100 to the CitizenXtrish Not Very Charitable Trust to make this possible.  Your dollars could insure my future as a carefree human being, and you won't miss that money a bit.  In fact, unburdening yourself of excess dollars could easily and in so many ways make your life happier.  Note:  I do not intend to declare any of this money as income, so no receipts will be forthcoming and I will deny any knowledge of all contributions.

I think I may well be suited to the life of a billionaire!

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