Monday, April 30, 2012

The Secretive Scott Walker

Scott Walker doesn't advertise where his campaign headquarters are, for fear protesters or egg throwers, or projectile vomiters might show up.

Scott Walker doesn't advertise his schedule for fear that the crowd, whom his scheduling office has complete control over, won't include any REAL people who can't stand this M.F. and might raise a stink when his boring face actually shows up.

Is Scott Walker building a bunker in the capitol where he can hide?  Sound familiar?  Berlin?  1945?  Are there similar comparisons to be drawn?

I'm sure Scott Walker, as well as his band of zombie followers, think they are cagey.  I would prefer to set the record straight.  Scott Walker is a much-reviled, yellow-bellied coward and he plays it close to his chest because he's afraid of conflict and bad press. 

Too Late.

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