Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Spending Problem = The Lying Problem

Every dang time I turn on the television, I hear pundits, especially of the republican persuasion, regurgitating the same vomitus, i.e., government too big, cut spending by destroying the safety net for the most vulnerable people, ad infinitum.

Well, frankly, this country went into a recession during the George Dubya Bush era, and Barack Obama did not create the mess we're in, he very intelligently saved this country from the brink of disaster, brought to you and totally funded by republicans.

But republicans are savvy liars, they can lie their way out of everything.  This country is just a collection of wealthy liars.  I really want to develop a device that would expose a lie as soon as it left someones lips.  Like a portable electro-convulsive treatment machine, one would strap it to an ankle, and as soon as the lie was verbalized, ZAP, a potent shock to the prostate or mammary glands would render the liar speechless and panting in pain for, oh say, ten or twenty seconds.  Then, they'd wet their pants.  No more wondering about whose telling the truth.

Of course, we'd have to work out the bugs, like how to deliver a shock to someone without a set of cojones, like Scott Walker. I believe any man who is so threatened by women that his policies reflect a war against the opposite sex is completely ball-less. 

But, I live in a sci-fi dream world, I guess.

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