Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here in Walker World, the morning headlines said that Scott Walker saved the State of Wisconsin an astronomically large sum of money, a billion dollars. 

Uh huh.  Right.  Scott Walker, obviously, is no dang accountant.  What he is is a lip smackin' lying S.O.B., but he's obviously in political trouble, so the lies need to get larger.  What amazes me is how many Wisconsinites actually believe the things Scott Walker says.  Scott Walker's accounting can't really explain HOW he saved Wisconsin a billion dollars, but that goes hand in hand with how Scott Walker can't explain why Wisconsin lost more jobs than any other state in the union under his tutelage.

Scott Walker is a freak of nature.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin has become a side show carnival for the ultra rich, the wing nut right and the tea bags. 

I can't wait to move --- and I think once I do, I'll give up paying attention to politics and live my golden years in the same ignorant bliss the republicans here in Wisconsin live in.


Anonymous said...

Walker is definitely a lying S.O.B. If he has actually saved the state a billion dollars, then why have the feds allowed him to kick 17,000 people off Medicaid and turn away the rest of those who apply for Medicaid. The current state law allows this if the state has a budget deficit.

This news was reported April 27, 2012 so obviously he hasn't saved the state a billion dollars when it was stated that he had.

Citizen X said...

Precisely. Hopefully, next Tuesday, Walker will take his place in the annals of Wisconsin history as the bigest A-hole in the country.