Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Juxtaposition of Scott Walker Policies

Interesting.  Same newspaper.  Same page.  First, the Koch Brothers, those fascists of industry, gave $1,000,000 to the Walker recall election, via the Republican Governors Association.  Obviously, really rich people want Walker and like-minded nonthinkers to stay in power so they can rape and destroy the people and the planet at a much faster rate.  Counting money seems to be their addiction and obsession.  Their organization, Americans for Prosperity, should really be called something that closer resembles what they do.  Like, "F*ck You, I'm Rich", or "Bring Back The Depression".

Second, teachers come under attack again, with Walker finding new ways to screw them out of money, now by not giving them appropriate or fair pay raises.  What the hell did a teacher do to Walker that made him hate this particular group of professionals so thoroughly?  My guess is a teacher actually told him the truth; he was dumb and should maybe go to tech school and become a barber.  Shave something besides budgets at struggling employee's expense.

Next, Walker reinstated the bonus system and big raises for certain public employees, i.e., those certain to support him in his recall campaign.  This from the man who verbally regurgitates wasteful government spending at every opportunity.  Trust me, no public employee goes into public service for the salary.  Unless you're very well-connected via your nose up Scott Walker's a$$, public service is never an opportunity to strike it rich. 

I can only hope that Tom Barrett, who can win the recall election against Scott Walker, gets some big money from somewhere.  But even if he doesn't, his truth is bigger than all the the big lies Scott Walker tells, and people are pretty convinced that Barrett isn't a liar.  In my mind, that is all it should take to win an election.  I have nothing against Kathleen Falk, in fact, I admire and respect her.  I just think Wisconsinites can't afford to take any chances in the recall election; and Falk might be too risky of a candidate.  On the bright side, there will no voter I.D. requirement at the polls for this election, which, hopefully, will bring out the people who can really make a difference in this election, and whom have the most to lose - the disenfranchised. 

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